About Us:

With almost thirty years in the image and recording industry, we understand how important it is to get your message across correctly and on time.  We’re here to help you with voice recordings, advertising and promotions.

My Voice Style:

With smooth soft tones for Movie Trailers, lively upbeat & cheerful for CommercialsThe guy Next Door!  We can cover it all.

With many accents including English, Society RP, Cockney, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Australian and American.


I've worked in radio, voiced promos, created complete commercials, radio sweepers, movie trailers & video game characters.


Same day Service is the norm.

Simeon Lloyd

Professional Voice Artist

& Member of British Equity

Welcome to the

Simeon Lloyd Studio.

Professional Voice Artist 

Previous Clients Include

Channel 4 TV

Audi Worldwide


Ralph Lauren - Italy
Retrofit Films - Los Angeles

Lamitec - Colombia

Unilever - Worldwide
Superla TV - U.K.
Tunafish Media - U.K.

Wombat Studios - Australia

First Quantum Minerals - Worldwide

And many more

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